Thursday, November 20, 2008

90%, 84.5%, 81.6%, and 72.8% Gains... 8 Stocks For Your Shorting Pleasure - Revisited

On March 26, 2008, I posted the following:
"Looking for a few stocks to go short as the bear market continues to run its course? check out these below, as of the morning of Wednesday, March 26th. The usual disclaimers apply, I take absolutely no responsibility and you have to make your own entry/exit calls. If you know how to make good trading decisions, this should be no problem.

Symbol Company Tuesday’s closing price

ARGN Amerigon, Inc 16.15

CSGP Costar Group 43.55

GMCR Green Mtn Cof 31.79

LAMR Lamar Advertising 36.75

WFMI Whole Foods 33.21

TWI Titan Intl 31.97

TOL Toll Brothers 23.95

WGO Winnebago 18.14

And if you want more exposure on the short side, check out the ultrashort S&P 500 reverse ETF, (symbol: SDS). To profit from a decline in the spx you would go LONG this security."

All of these positions (with the exception of GMCR) are showing a nice gain.  Three of these positions should be closed - ARGN, TWI, and WGO.  ARGN's closing price yesterday was 2.5, TWI closed at 5.86, and WGO closed at 4.93.  That means the returns on these positions were 84.5%, 81.6%, and 72.8% (using yesterdays close as the exit price).  Not bad....  Also, I suggested to go long SDS on that day when it was at 62.86, it ended the day yesterday somewhere over 120 -- over a 90% gain.... -John Bardacino

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